Modern Epic Fantasy – The (Super) Hero’s Journey

I was playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) a while back and our Games Master (GM) looked up from his book and sighed at us. He pointed out that playing D&D basically puts the players in the shoes of super heroes in a fantasy setting. We were monstrous and taking down monsters and he (the GM) … Read moreModern Epic Fantasy – The (Super) Hero’s Journey

Review Post: Seth Skorkowsky’s Mountain of Daggers

One Line Review: Medallion ex machina, training, sneaky sneaky, big bad, sexy time, duel… sort of, getting to know you, return of the big bad, melancholia, sexy time, REALLY NOT SEXY TIME, cliffhanger. So I raced through this one which should give you all a good idea of how much I enjoyed it. Seth writes … Read moreReview Post: Seth Skorkowsky’s Mountain of Daggers

Review Blog: The Legend of Korra

With the internet as full of negativity as it is I thought I’d break my own mould (yes, I have been known to be negative) and write a review about something I love. It also just so happens that I finished watching the Legend of Korra last night. Spoiler alert: I loved it. I’ll try … Read moreReview Blog: The Legend of Korra


Someone recently asked me where my stories come from. I immediately replied with “from my misspent childhood.”. No one laughed. I quickly thought about coming up with a real answer and didn’t think simply saying “my imagination” would cut it. I thought about all the things that have inspired me and affected the direction my … Read moreInspiration

Attack on Titan – An HONEST review (contains spoilers)

OK, I feel I need to go on a bit of a rant here. Almost everyone I know goes all dewy-eyed and moist at the mere mention of Attack on Titan (AoT), whereas I get infuriated. I feel you all need to know why so you can tell me how I’m wrong. I’ll start with … Read moreAttack on Titan – An HONEST review (contains spoilers)

Adventures in Publishing – the Danger of Switching Genres

Once upon a time I wrote a little fantasy trilogy called The Ties that Bind (TTtB). This story I penned did quite well. It sold a lot of copies, it got a lot of attention, and for a while it even hung around in the top spot with the big boys (there was a point … Read moreAdventures in Publishing – the Danger of Switching Genres

Dragon Age (without an) Inquisition

Having hacked my way through giant spiders and tiny velociraptors, my journey through the pitch black cave is finally at an end. I step out of the mouth and the light, though dim, blinds me for a moment and in that moment I feel the earth shake and a roar rips through the air deafening … Read moreDragon Age (without an) Inquisition

Review Blog – Destiny

Just over a month after release and I have done it! I have beaten Destiny. I have reached the level cap. I have completed every strike and mission. I have ignored a terrible PvP experience. I have completed The Vault of Glass. I have become legend. I have… run out of things to do. I’m … Read moreReview Blog – Destiny

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